Cisco 1760 Router with WIC-1ADSL (ATM WAN Interface Card)

RS_MCPRS_MCP Member Posts: 352
Hi All,

Does anyone know if there is a SW or FW version upgrade for my DSL Interface?

Alcatel 20150 chipset information
Modem Status: Showtime (DMTDSL_SHOWTIME)
DSL Mode: ITU G.992.1 (G.DMT) Annex A
ITU STD NUM: 0x01 0x1
Vendor ID: 'ALCB' 'IFTN'
Vendor Specific: 0x0000 0x71BE
Vendor Country: 0x00 0xB5
Capacity Used: 100% 99%
Noise Margin: 9.5 dB 9.0 dB
Output Power: 20.0 dBm 12.0 dBm
Attenuation: 32.0 dB 16.0 dB
Defect Status: None None
Last Fail Code: None
Selftest Result: 0x00
Subfunction: 0x15
Interrupts: 12205 (0 spurious)
PHY Access Err: 0
Activations: 230
LED Status: ON
LED On Time: 100
LED Off Time: 100
Init FW: embedded
Operation FW: embedded
SW Version: 3.8131
FW Version: 0x1A04


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