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I know by asking this question I will get told to "check the cisco feature navigator" but it was a pain so here goes.....

By boss wanted a second L3 switch for redundancy to support our main L3 (DLink) switch. I looked into a cisco 3750 for this but either the data sheets are bad, or ..... it doesn't support vrrp/glbp, only hsrp. Is that right ?

The only layer 3 switches that I could find that supported vrrp are 4500's and 6500's.

Could someone confirm or deny this ?

I have a 3550 on my desk that will not do vrrp so i'm guessing its true.

Its not on order yet, but in the end I had to go with an HP A5500G switch.

any comments ?



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    There are some limits, but 12.2( 58 )SE added support for IPv4 and IPv6 VRRP.
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    Thanks Mike as ever you have proved invaluable.
    As it turns out the Switch I was looking into is not supported in release 12.2(5icon_cool.gif VRRP wouldn't be an option unless we were willing to spend more ££££.

    HP will do it for less (and apparently higher switch fabric + pps)

    Thanks again
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