Passed 70-680 to complete MCITP:EA

Todd BurrellTodd Burrell Member Posts: 280
I sat for the 70-680 exam today and passed with a score of 809. The test had 50 questions and I honestly thought I had 42 of them definitely right. Overall the material was not too bad - there were just 5 or 6 of the usual "Microsoft" questions. I hate questions where they ask for the next step, or the fastest way to do something. There always seem to be 2 or 3 equally "right" answers so the questions are a crap shoot. There were also some VERY obscure command line commands on the exam, so if you see any commands in the books I would recommend looking them up and understand what they do.

Overall the test seemed to cover the material evenly. If you look over all the info in the 8 domains on this site you should be ready for this exam. I created 8-10 pages of notes for each domain using the MS Press book and used these notes to prepare. The notes seemed to cover everything very well.

I used the following 3 books to prepare:
1) MS Press 70-680 - not horrible, but not the best
2) Darril Gibson's 685/686 book - good coverage of the material
3) Poulton 70-680 book - this was by far the best of the 3

I also used the MS Press CD questions and self test software questions and flash cards.

I would recommend using the MS Press and the Poulton book along with the MS Press CD and the questions in the Poulton book. If you cover these 2 books and questions in detail you should be well prepared for this exam.

Also, if you are beginning to study for the MCITP:EA I would HIGHLY recommend taking the server exams first. The material you cover and learn from the Server 2008 tests will help prepare you for this exam.


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