completed BE computer problem in A+

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hello friends i have completed my BE with computer and now a days i am preparing for comptia a+ and n+ but the problem is in the institute they teaching me old syllabus and not providing me sufficient machines to practice on so what should i do ...i also want to go for CCNA CCNP and CCIE


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    Your best bet is going to be studying on your own. A lot of schools have great programs for IT-related degrees, a lot of others don't. If yours is out of date, then it's time to start looking into buying some current books and gathering some equipment to practice with.

    There are plenty of threads in both the A+ and Network+ forums of this site to help you get started. Check out the FAQs and see if there's anything there to help you. Once you've had a look around, feel free to ask some more questions, (just don't start multiple threads with the same question.)

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    thanx sir IIHT gandhinagar is fraud
    i have paid fees 13800 rupees for A+ only and they were like they would include fees of international exams from my fees but now they are changing their statement...what should i do ?
    1) do comptia give authority to such an institute to misguide us ?
    2) sholud i take any leagle actions ??

    they are forcing to folloe their own curriculum symboled under comptia and providing sum crap books without an author and comptia symbole on that .... is this fair enouugh ?? please help me i want my fees back...
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