70-685 vs 70-686

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Which is "harder" and in the end if I am taking 70-680 what is the big diffrence between the 3


  • Todd BurrellTodd Burrell Member Posts: 280
    I posted a similar thread today comparing 680 versus 686. From what I can see all three tests seem to be very similar in knowledge required. I think that 685 seems to focus more on help desk skills and problem determination for Windows 7, while 686 looks to be more from the deployment and planning perspective. But both 685 and 686 seem to cover skills that are also tested in detail in 680.

    I would think that 686 might be the harder of the two, but that is just based on my quick look at both exams.

    I would buy the Poulton 680 book and the Gibson 685/686 book and you should be ready for all three exams.
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    685 is more help desk support
    686 is a stepping stone to help in the server admin track
    680 as I've read and experienced first hand, is a beast of a test. Most people say take the 685 or 686 first.
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