Testlets for 70-646 exam

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I have a very specific question for anybody that has taken the 70-646 exam with a testlet - how much time are you given for each testlet? Also, how many questions are included in each testlet?


  • EssendonEssendon Member Posts: 4,546 ■■■■■■■■■■
    6 questions/testlet -- 23 minutes.
    7 questions/testlet -- 26 minutes.

    Usually there are 5 testlets, 4 with 6 questions each and one with 7 questions. The time they give is enough to answer all questions. Skim the case study, read the question and locate the relevant info. There's a lot of useless info thrown in there to befuddle you.

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  • Jander1023Jander1023 Member Posts: 160
    I've noticed this on my practice questions thru STS and MeasureUp. I'm trying to prepare myself for the scenario, in addition to the actual questions. Thanks very much for the info.
  • Fugazi1000Fugazi1000 Member Posts: 145
    I'm not sure it's useless information - just information that is not relevant to the particular question set you get. i.e. Same scenario - much bigger question pool.

    What did surprise me - was how little time was left for the regular multiple choice questions. I had 19 questions and 42 minutes - which brings the average time to a little over 2 mins each. The testlets give an average of approx 4 mins per question.
  • Jander1023Jander1023 Member Posts: 160
    That is a bit tight on time. When did you sit the 646? Any topics that were on the exam that caught you off guard?

    Also, I'm using the STS test questions, which have 6 testlets. Some of the questions are touching on SQL and Exchange. Did any of you 646 exam takers find questions related to either of these subjects? I thought both of those subjects would be excluded from the 646 material.
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