Free exam voucher 70-680, need help for test

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Ok, I found out about dreamspark some time ago, For those who don't know dreamspark gives out free software to college students and ONE free voucher. The free voucher offer expires on June 30th! So I scheduled, Windows 7 (70-680) test. I scheduled it for the last possible time, June 30th, Thursday! I need to know what to study in this short allotted time to pass this test. It's a free voucher so "if" I fail which I won't do is no skin off my back. If someone could help it would be awesome! Thanks everyone!
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    Hey Coty. That is the next exam I am planning to take. I am using Testout+CBT nuggets, and self paced training kit. I would too be interested in the best studying methods for this exam. There is a lot to know in order to complete it. I've read topics here that claim it to be a "beast" lol. So far, with all the materials I am using, I am grasping it quickly.
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    study. Study and study. If you don't get something, do a lab. Microsoft has a ton of free ones (you can find the links in the 680 resources thread sticky). Take as many practice tests to see if you are ready.

    Also, I suggest, Proffesor Messor's (free) line of 680 videos as they are MUCH better videos and not as dry and boring (with lame jokes) as the CBT stuff.
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    Don't waste a lot of time doing the deployment labs. I would just study the terminology and when to use it and learn the tools at a later date when you can concentrate and spend time on it.
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    @ Xapt3r2ooX Good luck bro! If you get any breakthroughs on studying let me know

    -- So study the messer vids and dig in on terminology with labs to finish it off? Sounds like a good plan?
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    Edit: Cancel this, apparently you mean the 72-680.

    Good luck!
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    Mine is scheduled. Thanks for the info.
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