Route call based on SiP "To" Field in INVITE Message?

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Anyone know if it’s possible to route calls based on the SiP To: field in CME? Either via a script or some other method? I’m playing with a SiP trunk to callcentric and for some reason, they pass the DID in the To field instead of including it in the expected sip: field (the sip: field is always to the main callcentric # 1777xxxxxxx). Worst case I can setup an account for each DiD but there has to be a way to translate this… no!??


  • pitviperpitviper Member Posts: 1,376 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Well in the meantime I figured out a workaround – Since calls to CallCentric numbers from CallCentric numbers are free, I setup a second account (free version w/in network capabilities only – you can use the same account info too) and forwarded one of the DiDs there. Now I get incoming calls from 2 1777xxxxxxx accounts/numbers and all of my DiDs and billable items are still in one place.

    I guess it’s worth noting that in this case, I’m only interested in separating the DiDs on inbound calls. Outbound all use the same account/number.

    Pretty cooool!
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