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Wondering if anyone else has seen this or has any ideas as to why this is happening. I received some switches from another location in our company. Cisco 3750X-48-TS. I have been getting them ready to use in my network, when I came across two switches with the same issues. The console port is configured for speed 115200 and I can't get it to keep a change after a reload.

I have erased everything from flash except the IOS image and reloaded the switch. After reload, the Multiple-FS shows in flash and after I write the config, the config.txt and private-config.txt are in flash. I can go to the line console 0 and set the speed to 9600. I lose my session....configure Tera Term for 9600.... and I am back... exit out of line mode ...do sho run.....no config on the line console 0 now. exit out...write the config..check running-config....still good.....check startup-config.....good there too.....but when I reload......I lose my connection(9600) and have to set Tera Term back to 115200. Get back in and the Line Con 0 has an entry for "speed 115200" again. Where is this coming from? Bad IOS image?

Am I missing something here? I want to think that the switch would still work fine when I put it in a stack and won't need the console port anyway, but this is a prod. network and I don't want to take any chances.

Any ideas?


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    have you tried to configure that baud rate while in "rommon/confreg" mode? I would try to do it that way.
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    S0meone was probably using xmodem to load an IOS and increased the baud rate to speed the process up.

    Unplug the switch and hold the mode button until it stops flashing.

    you should see:


    Type "set BAUD 9600" (case sensitive), then hit enter.
    Restart your console session at 9600 baud rate.


    Type "flash_init:

    Then type "boot"
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    Thanks for the tip guys....that worked.
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