CEH V7, any takers?

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I am signing up for the online CEH. I have read most of the forums and decided to move forward with this class and cert. If anyone is in the same boat, let's stat some dialog.

Information Assurance Analyst

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  • YuckTheFankeesYuckTheFankees Member Posts: 1,281 ■■■■■□□□□□
    I'm probably about 2/3 months away from CEH. Definitely give some feedback about the test and studying.
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    please keep us updated on your experience, expecially with reguards to the promised "extras" for v7 (Frankenstein, ilabs, ect.)

    What company are you going with as a training provider?
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    I took the course and was a bit disappointed by the course itself. I have yet to find any relevant study material. I have been browsing around on here and think I might have found a few leads. I will keep you all updated, I plan on taking the test in the next month (I hope!). Anyone that can list possible practice exams etc would be great.

    EDIT: Still having an issue finding "just" a practice test.

    As for the extra goodies like frankenstein, I was offered none of this by the instructors. The labs barely worked and the book was essentially just a color printer powerpoint. So far I am growing more frustrated and disappointed en the entire CEH v7 Process.
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    Hello Destro_2000
    I see that you're an "Information Assurance Analyst"
    I have my Network+/Security+/CEH certifications and am currently working on the OSCP (Pentesting with Backtrack)
    I also will be interviewing for a Security Investigator postion with Comcast soon.
    Do you want to exchange ideas/suggestions concerning both CEH and Information Security positions?
    Thanks in advance
  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 12,905 Admin
    Exchange email addresses using PMs only, please.

    And yes, you need to post a few times before you can PM.
  • Destro_2000Destro_2000 Member Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Guys my material came in the mail today and I am stoked. I have my VMs configured and pinging in, out and all across my network. "Tonight I rest for tomorrow I learn Fung Fu." I will keep you guy informed,

    I am taking it through INFOSEC Institute. They give a great discount if you take it with someone and of course the more people the more you save.

    Only recommendation so fare is take some time and get familiar with VM. If you need help hit me up.
  • Destro_2000Destro_2000 Member Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
    yes any insight will help. One direction you may want to look into is government contracts. IA Certification and Accreditation (C&A) is always needed.
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    I hope to take the CEH in the next few weeks; I just stared studying for it about a week ago. I do presently have CISSP and Security + (latest one-which I thought was a lot of nice improvements) which I hope will help. I will gladly share the CEH experience after done I picked up some books about a week ago and hope to take the 4 hour exam in July. I wonder how much knowledge of exactly the tools are; (especially hands-on command line stuff) - Oh, and BTW, I picked up a Sybex book which seems to be pretty good for some material and has nice exam questions in the back. Regards.... AC
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