Anyone use the free dreamspark voucher in Northern VA?

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Im just curious if they actually ask for your school ID when you show up for your exam.


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    MrAgent wrote: »
    Im just curious if they actually ask for your school ID when you show up for your exam.

    OK I am not in NVA but I can tell you in my area, which is PA. I walked into two tests, both student coded tests and was not asked for it. All they asked for was my driver ID and another form of ID, in which I used a credit card on me.
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    I dont have a valid student ID. So I guess Ill give it a try next week. Thanks.
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    ill tell ya on the 29th
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    You could print out your class schedule and show your ID. I've asked a buddy of mine and they didn't ask for his student ID, just the regular ol' 2 forms of ID.
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    Unless you obtained the voucher without actually being a student -- I'm not going to lie, I was going to make my sister register for one under her college email and take the voucher and use it. I doubt the test center will be **** about the student ID thing.
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    Nah. I was a student, not anymore though. I still have my email, so I was able to get a voucher that way.
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    used my free voucher in NY. passport and debit card used,
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    I'm not in Virginia, but I wasn't asked. I had it ready though. I think it would vary by test center, they all seem to have their own quirks. Prometric doesn't only do Microsoft stuff. The workers probably don't realize that 72 exams are intended only for students.
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