weird microsoft second shot pricing

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I need some help regarding microsoft second shot pricing.

I registered for 3 exam pack microsoft second shot.

this is what written on the receipt/statement:

Discount code :XXXXXXX
Discount amount:660MYR
Balance :960MYR

for 3 exam pack, i should get 15% discount, but I dunno how microsoft calcuate the discount.

If i did not use the second shot, for 3 exams , i only pay 300X the extra 60 is to pay for the second shot?

anyone here good in math can enlighten me.


  • Jander1023Jander1023 Member Posts: 160
    You shouldn't have to pay extra for the second shot vouchers. The price should be 300*3, then apply the 15% discount. Are you buying these vouchers from Prometric or a reseller? Some resellers charge a fee.
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    Weird. I just booked my first exam from 2 exam pack (also 15% discount) and receipt looks like that:

    Payment Details:

    Exam Price/Currency: 50.00 USD
    Discount (if any): 35.00 USD
    VAT/GST/Sales Tax: 0.00
    Date of Payment/Tax Point: 12 JUN 2011
    Total Amount Paid/Currency: 85.00 USD

    So for 2 exams with secondshots I paid 85 instead of 2x50=100 regular price. Everything comes right.

    Are you sure that you didn't use voucher for 4 exams? In this case it would explain everything: 4x300=1200 and -20% discount equals to 960.
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