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Hi Tech Exams

Hoping you guys would give some pointers! :)

OK, so I've got an interview for a tech support job. It's at startup company (spun out from a university) that makes an API for social media. It's a development focused company (I'm not a dev.) The job is supporting end users (mainly developers but also Joe public) who use the API and/or pay for the results, and will be reporting to the devs and keeping the bug trackers up to date, as well as maintaining documentation, and so on...

Whilst I was in the phone interview we got talking about Linux, and it tweaked something, and he almost right away asked me for a full interview. When I spoke to the recruitment agency he said I should brush up on my linux (esp CentOS - my Fave and no doubt what they are using for hosting)

So peeps (i'm sure theres some PHP devs here) What aspects of Linux do you think I should look into revising before the interview?

Many Thanks :)

(and yes i have posted this elsewhere :P)
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    Well support and troubleshooting anything you think their API might depends on. Brush up on your "LAMP" installation/configuration/maintenance would probably be a good start. I'm not a Linux guy, and may have intermediate Linux skills at best, so that's about all the advice I can offer.

    Good luck to you. I haven't had any good experiences working with developers. I can script with the best of them, but don't even pretend to know how to program. I had to bust out an RFC for the SMTP protocol to show a developer that it was his crappy programming that was the problem and not my Exchange servers once. Another time I sat remoted into a developers PC and watched him go through his VB code trying to help him figure out why his program crashed when trying to print to our print servers.

    They always drives me nuts, I'd rather deal with an 80 year old woman that barely even knows what a computer is than a developer sometimes.
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    haha doesn't look like you have had too much fun working with devs, i don;t think these guys will be too bad

    Things I'm going over:

    LAMP install / configuration
    Basic sysadmin tasks,as per RHCSA
    some scripting, ie bash

    looking goodicon_confused.gif:
    [40%] CCNA
    [10%] MCSA / MCITP:SA < WHICH one?
    [2%] RHCE < what I WANT to do!
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