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Applying a subnet mask of /24 to any one of these /16 subnets, such as, results in a subdivision of 256 subnets. Each one of these new subnets is capable of addressing 254 hosts. up to

Is the above example wrong? Should one of the Subnets be


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    It looks like your source material is assuming that subnet-zero isn't being used. On a Cisco router running a recent version of the IOS, subnet-zero is enabled by default on each interface, but you may run across older software where it isn't.

    Although, looking at the first part of the question, it does explicitly state that you have 256 subnets, so I suppose they might've meant to start with and go all the way up to

    Chalk it up either to a typo in regards to the number of subnets you've got or which subnet you start with, depending on if subnet-zero is enabled or not.

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