Newbie needing advice

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I work for a software firm in the support team. Some of our newer products run on SQL and currently we do not support the client's SQL installation, we tell them what our development team tell us and get their SQL admin to do the work.

We want to learn more about SQL, specifically setting up databases, creating users, the different permissions available, writing queries and fault finding within the databases. We do not want to be SQL developers but we need to be able to speak with SQL DBAs on a technical level.

I have a degree in computer science which I haven't used in 10 years and did some basic SQL as part of it, others in the team have varying levels of technical knowledge, but several want to do the 70-432 exam which we know is too much for what we need, but we can't seem to find anything between writing basic queries and being a fully certified DBA.

Are there any books or exams you can point me to that would be useful for us.



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