Composite vs ICND1 and ICN2

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Hi all,

This is probably a subject that has been beat to death but I was wondering what you guys consider the better route to CCNA. My CCENT has expired and unfortunately, I was unable to complete ICND2 before then.

So I what option would be better. The big exam or the two smaller ones. Aside from the obvious money savings from only doing one exam, what advantages/disadvantages are offered by both routes?

Thanks for the input! :)


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    There is no money savings by taking the composite exam, it's $250 while the two test route is $125 each.

    What's your level of knowledge and experience with Cisco? If the CCNA topics are more review than new things to you, then the one test route is your best bet. For someone who isn't very knowledgeable or hasn't touched it in years, the 2 test route is probably a better choice.
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    Really! I did not know it was more expensive. Thanks for the heads up.
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