Secure DDNS vs. Non Secure DDNS

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I know with Secure DDNS you have to have a computer account to register with the DNS server.

if DDNS is in secure mode does that mean that

1)Both the DHCP server and the clients that the DHCP Server is registering with DNS have to have a computer account in AD.

2)Only the DHCP server has to have a computer account in AD, and it will register anything that it gives an ip address to?
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    I think in secure more the computer itself has to be registered in AD because the DHCP server cannot really authenticate the computers. The ones doing the DDNS update in secure more have to have domain accounts.
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    This article explains it pretty well ones you get towards the bottom.

    Essentially you can configure the DHCP server with a domain account that has permissions to add and modify Secure DDNS records, this combined with other settings in DHCP allows you to configure the DHCP to either discard dns records that do not meet certain requirements(Domain members), or allow legacy style devices and other things like phones ect to be placed into DNS.
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