New to CCNA, Need advice

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum, and after searching I did not find answer of my question, so I am asking here.

I come to know there could be 2 type of papers

1. ICND1 & ICND2
2. CCNA (640-802)

which will be more beneficial for a new to network person? I mean I want to adopt this networking field as my career and I will get the job only if I clear the exam.

What if I failed in the exam? after how much time I will be able to re conduct the exam?



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    In a nutshell, I can say the two tests route are no cheaper or more expensive than the composite route. You may be better off taking the two tests route if you are new to Cisco/Networking. If you failed the composite test, then you just wasted $250. If you failed just the ICND1, but passed on the second attempt then pass the ICND2, then you only wasted $125. Do not worry too much about failing. That shows determination. I failed my ICND1 once, and I went straight back to work on my weaknesses. However, after you failed your first attempt, you would have to wait at least 5 businesses day before you can retake the exam.
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    I also recommend the two test route. Each test list a specific range of topics that are covered so you can concentrate your study time better. And if you fail the test will give you a breakdown on what it is you need to focus on.

    Go for it and keep at until you reach your goal.icon_thumright.gif
    NEXT UP: CompTIA Security+ :study:

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    I am scheudled to take ICND2 exam on 7/29/2011 and I started in January. I believe the 2 tests routes are much better to go

    But then again I have a 3 year old son, a full time job, full time college on top of that. This means I have very little time for CCNA so I have to devise a strategy that allows me to take in little information everyday. If you have more free time on your hand then the 1 exam route might work better for you
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    Thanks VinUnleaded, MrRyte and hiddenknight821 for your replies, I am planning my ICND1 from now.
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    if u have experience then only go for composite


    go for 2 test route what mostly people go for
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