stange printing problem i couldnt figure out.

one of the computers i work on kept printing the same old documents to the network printer. I spent a little time on the problem and found that the documents are being printed after a reboot because they never leave the print queue on this particular WK2 computer. In some instances it even says the documents are printed and that it has printed 5 of 1 document. WEIRD!

So anyway, reinstalled with different and newer drivers, nothing seemed to fix this. Restarting the printer spooler service does nothing, the jobs remain. Delete the jobs manually and they will not come back, but jobs that follow will then stay in there. It is printing to a laser 2300 over tcp/ip.

anyway, i turned off Bidirectional support on the properties tab for the printer and it seems to have stopped.

anyone else seen this before. And how do you really fix it? (or is bi-directional support just wrong to begin with? no other computers have a problem with it tho) I feel as i have only worked around the problem and i would really like to find the true answer. I have seen this in other computers before, but reinstalling the printer usually took care of it. Thanks for any help, I hope i posted this in the correct forum.



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    No One else has tried to answer this - so I may as well try.

    Bi-Directional support should not be the cause. My 2 printers use it. (neither are on TCP/IP though)

    I know you say 'reinstalled', but I suggest you again uninstall the drivers, printer, etc for all printers, re-boot, then make sure there are no references to it anywhere, including the Registry. Then install.

    Something that I had on another system makes me believe that the problem is simply Windows install procedures. I had a NIC that operated fine except that it always took 2-5 minutes to see shares on the network (peer-peer). After trying a re-install of the drivers, Client for MS, etc and that not helping, I backed out the SW, drivers, then HW (both NICS), then Restarted the PC to let PnP start all over with the NIC. All works fine now.
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    If using any printserver box (aka Hawkings Print Server) sometimes it looses connectivity via tcp/ip, the client sends the print jobs and have them in its queue. The printer server hosting the printer has the same jobs in queue and sometimes it gets stuck due to connectivity problems.

    1. You restart the print server, the print jobs go through.

    2. You restart the print device and the printer server box (aka Hawkings Print Server) , the print jobs go through.

    3. To eliminate any and all print jobs, stop and restart the print spooler on the client.

    Hope this helps...
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