After much deliberation, decided to go for RHCSA

So I have decided on RHCSA for my admin level cert. I figure the Linux exposure will help me in my pursuit of a security career as well give me the option of being a Linux admin. I really feel like the MCITP:SA limits you to just being a windows admin.

So here is my question, has anyone taken the RH124 and RH135 courses? Are they any good? Do they provide you with the knowledge you need to sit the course? My company would be paying for them, so its not a big deal as I am sure I will learn alot, but I read another thread that was saying they really only give you the info that you need to go find stuff on your own. I feel like I can do that myself. I want a good, hands on learning experience.

Also, any recommended study materials? It seems hard to find a well reviewed RH study source.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thread =)


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