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Hello all new to the forums.. I'm currently a system administrator at a small company and pursuing my associates degree in Information Security, In my down time from school I am looking to pursue some certifications. I have over 10+ years in the I.T. field but hold no cert's to prove my given abilities. I am working on my CompTIA Network+, Linux+ and was looking to get some certs in the MC area... CompTIA certs are pretty straight forward but it seems Microsoft has a lot more.. Could anyone give me some advice on the types of exam's I should be looking into taking.. I was particularly looking at the MCSE and the MCITP thanks for anyone that replies.


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    Welcome to TE!
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    You may have time to do the MCSA and could then upgrade to the MCITP:SA.

    For MCSA you could do the 290 >291 > 680. CompTIA A+ and Net+ could be used as electives.
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    If you're looking to "prove" your abilities then you should focus on certifications that cover stuff you have experience with. Besides being more applicable to your goal, it will be easier. So for example, if you are managing a Windows environment with Active Directory, look into MCSA/MCSE or MCITP: SA/EA. If you manage Linux servers, then maybe Linux+, LPIC, or RHCSA/RHCE.
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    If you have 10 years of experience then the CompTIA exams will be worthless to you IMO.
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