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Hey, guys i finally passed my CCNP ROUTE after my second attempt.
My first attempted i was completely off on the sims and i think the nervous blanked my memory. The second time i got the same ones and was able to realize my mistakes. Did a few typos during exam not sure if they count against me.

Anyway it felt i got a whole new exam questions seemed much more up to date with many new pretty diagrams compared to the old ones :). but still the questions were really iffy and went with eliminating what was off and selecting the best choice. Didn't feel like i really applied the logic Like i did with other cisco exam other than the sims I enjoyed the sims those were straight forward. but the questions where like HUH!?!?! had to re-read several times. anyone else feels the same? lol.

But all in all I passed CCNP ROUTE finally.


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    Congrats on the pass!

    Some questions are indeed more understandable than others. The best we can do is to study hard, and hope for the best. :D
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    Congrats. I agree, some of the questions are really dodgy - the subject matter is difficult enough without cisco's silly word games. When I did it a few months back there were a few questions where the only way to answer it was eliminate the obviously wrong and, still, the answer that was left didn't make that much sense!
    Anyway, it's done now, what's next?
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    I'm a go for my SWITCH and CCNA:Voice
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