I got a good shot at a nice job, U think I can doit?

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I am not sure if I will be ok what do you guys think.

I am recertified CCNA,
and a newly minted CCNP.

I do have an MCITP:eda7, and an A+.

The job is at a school, a small school with only 250 host, clients,PC's.

I am just now starting to study server 2008,

They have invited me for an interview, Is it common for a small school to already be running win 7 and have servers 2003, & 2008.

I have been in IT more than 20 years but on a smaller scale. I looked at their summer program schedual and seems that they don't have much going on now.

Should I be able to get the hang of server 2008 in 3 months if I work real hard at it?

I am not scare about the LAN, or WAN part, and I know my way around a PC' and lot's of OS's, but I am not familer about servers.

I have read here that William Panelk isbn 470-94846-0 is good, (is it true)?

also looking at the CBT nug 70- 640 now,
also I just got VTC video's by Mark Long,
and Training Kit by Dan Holme, Nelson Ruest. Danielle Rueston the 70- 640.
I know I need to work on 70-642, 70-643,70-647, also but this is my first day here.

Thanks for reading and I respect your opinions, all are welcome.
Thank you


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    Nah you should be fine with it if all you want is the hang of things. 3 months is ok.
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    Well I certainly want to get better than just being bottom level, but, to start out just getting the hang of it is ok, i think..?

    their add kinda sounds like maybe that they will be migrating from 03 to 08?

    also in their add they say "OX X and Mac Servers", I google that and I am thinking that this just allowing MAC to access the 2003 server?

    (OX X Mac) < ? should be ( Mac OS X) ?? ((maybe the Mac is for the small childeren)? the school is private and is K-12).

    thanks for reading and posting the comment Essendon
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    Best way to quickly and efficiently learn a new OS is to throw it on a lab environment and go from there. Read TechNet and lab and repeat till you know it.

    If they are migrating to 08, there are plenty of TechNet links available, check this and this.

    I just googled OS X and I got this, Mac OS X Server - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    What I may also suggest is not to worry about the exams at this stage, and concentrate at doing well at the job. You want to make a good impression by your work. Maybe all the school wants is getting the job done, they may not care less about the certs.

    The CBT Nuggets are pretty good for the MCITP:EA series. But they may not have been updated for the R2 content that is currently on the exams. You dont really need the books, check the exam blueprint, read TechNet, lab and repeat. TechNet is the most exhaustive resource out there and it's free. See here.

    Hope this helps.
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  • neathneathneathneathneathneath Member Posts: 438
    I got a job as an IT Technician in a school which had 2003 servers.

    When I went for the interview I had no practical experience of Active Directory.

    I have since done a lot of self-study and my school has over 600 computers and 1600 users.

    Just needs lots of hard work.
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    Thanks for the kind words it really helps.
    I had another phone interview today with an ISP, Wow two guys on speaker for thirty min.
    The small school seems as though life would be easy there, but I think that i would actually be happier and mor comfortable with the tougher more challenging position at the ISP.
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    You're going to be fine
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