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I'm curious which salary search sites you guys check out when researching your pay grade? I've seen numbers from, etc., and was wondering if you felt those figures were in the ballpark or were really off when factoring in location, work experience, title, etc..
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    O Net Resource Center

    This is pretty much where the govt gets all of their labor statistics from. The breakdowns of the various job classifications are very thorough. For instance, under Network Systems and Data Communication Analysts they give what looks like a pretty typical job advertisement you'd see posted. This includes listing tools you'd be expected to use on the job like CiscoWorks, SolarWinds and Ethereal. Down towards the bottom there's salary and degree info. 62% of people in this category have "some college or no degree". Gives you a good idea of what you're really up against when applying for jobs.

    If you poke around a bit, you can get a listing of various "rapid growth jobs" as well.
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