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My goal was to take a few classes a year and slowly work my way to my RHCA. It's also a nice way to keep my RHCE current. I've been trying to schedule either RH318, RH442, or RH401 and the ones that were available never ran. I was trying to take them where my in-laws live because they are not offered locally. After a few cancelations for low sign-ups, it looks like I have to get back into 'red hat study mode'. I must admit I've been slacking these past 6 months since I passed the RHCE exam.

Tomorrow I start RH318 which hopefully should go fairly smooth.

In a few weeks it'll be RH442. Something I'm a little more worried about. But if the instructor is good and we get decent lab time, I know its obtainable.

I'm really hoping I can catch RH401 next year. The remaining RHS333 and RH436 courses are not what I really focus on, but something I'll just have to do for that RHCA title.
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    where did you register for your classes and what are your study materials?
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    I just used a reseller because they gave me better pricing than purchasing direct. Going into the classes without anything additional - the class book is what I go off of for the exam.

    EX318 Passed - wasn't too bad, it's a RHEV exam/certification - not really a "KVM" class, etc.

    Leaving for the RH442 later this week.
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