Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) FLG

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Ok, so this is the third book I have read for my self study of 642-902. I am begining to wonder if Chapter 7, (Implementing Routing Facilities for Branch Offices and Mobile Workers), should even be in the book. Every other paragraph mentions this phrase "a concept that is beyond the scope of this book". Why include a bunch of material explaining IPsec and GRE tunnel configuration if it is beyond the scope of the book?


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    I'm really glad that I learnt how to configure and verify IPSec - it paid off, that's all I'm saying :)
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    The idea is for you to be familiar with the concepts found in GRE and IPSec as it related to branch site connectivity. The administration and configuration may be beyond the scope but the understanding of how branch connectivity works, and more specifically how GRE and IPSec affect WAN routing are critical concepts to the ROUTE exam.
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    Thanks Guys.

    I am just starting to freak out now that my exam is schedule for the 6th.
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    Don't freak out. If GRE and ipsec related to branch site connectivity, etc., is all that is left to wrap your head around, you should have enough time to pool your resources and get a working knowledge of that material before the 6th.

    That is of course, if you have the time to work on it.icon_wink.gif

    Good luck and feel free to ask questions, if need be.
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    Know IPSec VPN theory and config and I think you'll be fine.
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    I can't tell you what I saw on the exam. But I will say, IPSec VPNs and GRE tunnels are very very important.

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    Hello, Monkerz , do u mind if I add u as a friend here?
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    can u send me your email address?
    Thank you
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    So is this what celebrities feel like? Haha.

    I'd rather not share my personal e-mail address with you. You can however, PM me if you have any questions or comments.
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    Thank u,
    I am new here,
    i will try pm.
    dont want to sound like i'm pressuring u.
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