642-642 QOS Test

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This test was pretty easy. I read the Ciscpress study guide and the 642-642 course material. The study guide was good but the test was built around the course material. The Ciscopress book did not mention QPPB and the course material did. I got a 936 on the test and needed a 790 to pass.

1) Know the MQC, CLI, and AutoQOS
2) Know the show commands for all of the above stuff
3) Know congestion avoidance
4) Know congestion management
5) know link efficiency (LFI)
6) know all of the queueing types and how to configure them.
7) know policing, shaping and the colors/buckets.
icon_cool.gif know Lan QOS and the 2950 queueing methods
9) Concepts and technologies

a) The test had configuration sims.
b) Sims where you had to know the different show commands and answer testlets.
c) Drag and Drop
d) multiple choice


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    Congrats, could you be the first CCVP if you get all the exams? lol
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    any specific HW u use on this test
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    The test revolves around the 2950/3550 for Lan QOS, but they can still ask questions about the 6500 and 4500 series switches. For routers you should be familiar with MDRR on the 12000GSR series. You should also be familiar with the 7200 series because it has some special QOS stuff for CBWFQ. Other than that, the 3600, 2600, 1700, 3800, 3700 series are all good for some of the advanced configs. The 2500s don't have the code that is necessary for many of the advanced QOS. You should be familiar with the different AIMs for the 3600 and 2600 series routers.

    The options that they can test you on are all advanced 12.2T and 12.3 IOS features.
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    would 2900xl be sufficient enough for this test?
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