studying for 70-432 taking ages!!!!

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Im currently studying for the 70-432 exam using the Syngress book, i`m studying a chapter every two days i.e. reading a chapter doing the practice test then re-reading it the following day and doing the test again just to be sure its gone in.

at the moment I feel the study process may just take way too long iv read alot of others are taking the test within 2 months of starting to study, Just wondered what material and methods people use to study?



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    I'm doing the 432 exam on Friday and have been studying it for 5 months but that time was extended by the series of very big earthquakes that has stricken the city where I live and has caused extensive damage meaning that the exam was delayed. In normal circumstances it would have me taken 2 -3 months to learn SQL Server to exam standards.

    For resources I used those listed in by blog (see my sig for the url). I've done heaps of labbing as well. I really found SQL Server to be a black hole topic in that I'll never stop learning about it no matter how long I study/work with it.
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    There were plenty of questions where multiple answers were workable solutions to the problem(s) posed in the question.

    Next SQL Server exam will be 70-433.......
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    Congratulations just remember the 2008 way and you are good to go.
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    well done LCA.

    i`m still studying but as I said its hard going when you work full-time and have a family, i`m finding myself studying at 11pm and by that time i`m getting tired (probably not in the best frame of mind to study) so anyone got any tips or point me to some advise?

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    I guess this may sound a bit obvious, but take as long as is necessary to learn the exam topics. I know from personal experience it isn't a pushover to learn this stuff.

    Hang in there!!
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