CEH and Prometric problems

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Hi all,

I was planning on taking my CEH exam this morning using a Prometric exam center in Vancouver, and fantastically enough.. fatal error when I went to login for the exam.

Fortunately, this was not an issue with the testing center, the staff were very helpful, but an issue with a "known" issue with the CEH exam when the secretary phoned and inquired with the IT dept at Prometric.

I had to take a day off work and travel 6 hours - and this is my second time Prometric has dropped the ball for me (sec+ exam had to be rescheduled since the person watching was sick and didn't show up - ended up being a fiasco with Prometric).

I'm about to call Prometric Candidate Care and murder someone - any ideas on what I should demand?


They want to reschedule it today... but wait their network went down.. and they can't guarentee that the issue is resolved when I get there... they might call me back.. or probably not knowing them. AND I'd have to put in another 3 hrs of transit.

This exam is not worth this I think - I know whats going to be on here inside and out, just wanted a little piece of paper.


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    Geez...what luck. Maybe plan a vacation to a city that has a big Prometric center and get a couple of certs out of the way while you relax.
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    First, cool down and maintain focus on your CEH. What is your option right now? Continue to refresh yourself, but not too much. Unless you can re-schedule, don't kill yourself for that. Shxt happen and let focus on the CEH exam.

    Remember you have to deal with a lot of questions, so anger will cause errors.
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    Yeah, unfortunately I can't reschedule until the fall.. I can only go to Vancouver on weekends and now that its summer.. wakeboarding is the name of the game after a full recovery from an ACL reconstruction.

    I'm not overly stoked on having to relearn everything for a v7 exam and less stoked to have to wait on hold with prometric for an hr.. I tried emailing them.. no answer.. the ec council has been far less than helpful.

    I'm going to live in Vancouver in the fall, but its still an hr and a half to downtown using transit + have to skip class... ec council should just give me a voucher and let me book it when i want.
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