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Just got the RHEL 6 version from Amazon today as an exciting surprise since I didn't think I would get it until mid July.. Taking RH255 class early September with both exams schedule the Friday following class. Hoping this will help as I heard the RHEL 6 RHCE is much more difficult than RHEL 5.


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    My Jang book is on the way. I hope i will get it next week. How does it seems?
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    My Jang (6th edition) should be arriving today. Can't wait to read .. icon_study.gif
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    Cool, let us know how the exam goes! Let us know if any additional topics should be studied that aren't in the Jang book. I have my RHCSA exam scheduled for Aug 26'th and just ordered the Jang book. Hope to do the RHCE exam sometime in Dec.
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    I've almost finished the first 2 chapters. Jang stands by his name. The book is very well written but is NOT for beginers.
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    IMHO, much more suitable for linux newbies then Ghori's book :).
    But yes, some basic linux skills are required (LPIC-1 level). He starts with virtualization, setting up nfs/ftp/http installation repo, kickstart configuration, introduces SELinux early and so on. It should be read with official RH/Fedora documentation by side.
    I still find Ghori's book better when it comes to system/services troubleshooting section.
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