SSD Speed test

Lee HLee H Hugh JarseMember Posts: 1,135

Can someone please cast a beady eye over these number and tell me if my VERTEX SATA II 30GIG is running at normal speed

Just received a replacement in the post so fresh install, plugged into an ASUS P5QL/EPU which does have a PCi 3Gbps port

Thanks you very glad


  • TackleTackle Nothing clever to say Member Posts: 534
    Looks pretty good as far as I can tell, seems your writes are pretty slow compared to reads where as mine seem to be about the same...which sucks because I would think it should read way faster than write.

    Maybe it has to do with the size of the drive? Seems like 70mb writes across the board may be a limitation of the drive?

    Here is my Laptop 5400rpm drive (Left) compared to my Vertex 2 (Right).

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