What cert should i go for now???????????

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Having completed my A+ and N+ im wondering what i should go for next?
I currently have a job as tech support in an I.T. training center, however the senior guys are a little waryu of letting me in on the bigger stuff; ie: networks and servers!!! icon_confused.gif
They say i dont have the experience and i guess they are right! But if i cant have a go how will i learn? icon_confused.gif
Anyway should i go for server + or is itr a waste of time?

Thanks guys! :)


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    I would pick up Server+, it can't hurt. After that, it depends on what you want to do. If you're more into Servers and administration, take the M$ track towards MCSA/E. If you're into Networking, take a look at Cisco, starting with CCNA.
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    yea, definitely start working on your CCNA. Cisco is huge. there are so many career paths and almost everything u can learn in Cisco is useful. definitely start with the CCMA
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