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hey guys

I just had a question ive read some sites that say that it can and it cant happen.

My question is can you setup OWA with a dynamic ip instead of a static IP just to test to see if its acessible over the internet and not for production environment i know when my routers WAN IP changes the owa wont be accessible over the internet but Im wondering if its able to work with a dynamic ip?.



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    OWA is nothing but a 'simple' website in IIS. It normally listens on every IP locally so the only way really is using DynDNS. Most ADSL router I know have built-in dyndns clients so it might be exploring.

    Issue might be SSL. So if you are using a proper SSL certificate then this needs to be purchased for the URL provided by DynDNS but I assume since this is a lab you are using a self-signed one anyway.
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    It's possible to get it to work. A dynamic IP works the same as a Static IP, it's just that you may not be able to use it for as long.

    I'm assuming you are not using a domain name in your Exchange setup that you own on the Internet. If this is true, you might have to change the ExternalURL on the Client Access server Exchange, replacing the https://server.domain.name/OWA with https://youripaddress/OWA.

    If you do own a domain name, then you can use the Dynamic DNS feature, if your router supports it, to update the DNS record.
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    sina2011sina2011 Member Posts: 239 ■□□□□□□□□□
    hey guys

    Thanks for your replies I have better idea of whats going on now :)
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