Undecided on SSCP or CISSP

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Any advice on the following will be greatly appreciated.

I worked in IT/IS for the same company for over 10 years in different areas like help desk, desktop support and backup admin. The last 5 years as security analyst doing everything from managing accounts, file/share permissions, apps support, and audits. I have a four year degree and would like to get a security cert under my belt. Other analysts at my company are focused on CISSP but I'm considering SSCP first. Would SSCP be a wasted of time and should I focus on CISSP? I like my current role and responsibilites and not looking to advance to manager or security engineer.


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    The general recommendation is if you currently qualify for the full CISSP certification (pass the CISSP exam, 5+ years work experience in 2+ CISSP CBK domains, can get endorsement) then go for it, otherwise consider the SSCP (1 year work experience in 1+ SSCP CBK domains, etc.). If you need a confidence builder to learn the material and get experience taking cert exams, the Security+ followed by the SSCP is a very good way to go. That also starts you off with a nice collection of security certs. Those are the only three IT cert I have on my office wall over my desk.

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    I'm thinking for SSCP first before CISSP. Just another way to improve myself and knowledge before heading up the certification. Somehow it is not what you want, but need it for your job. So, take a minute to think about what is the best way to improve your career and budget for this certification.
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