One weird subnetting question....

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Can someone help me out with this doozy...

An admin has decided to use the private address for the internal network. If the maximum # of hosts on a subnet is 62 what is the subnet?
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Man, this one is killing me!


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    Copying question from other sites, **** or books and posting them in our forums is not allowed. So I edited your post. The subnet mask is This info should enable you to rule out the 2 incorrect answers.
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    dear friend here is some details about how to solve this Question

    u said hat the network IDis
    and u want the maximum no. of hosts in subnet to be 62

    it is ok
    the is a class B adders and the default subnet should
    my traditional way to solve such of this Q. I loo at the no.. of hosts and I see if it is in the range of 2-254 if it is ok so I put my mind on the class C subnetting cuse in this case u will determine a custom subnet mask

    so if u analyzed the last octet of the class the 0 from the

    SNm (last octet)
    No. of SNID
    #of hosts
    1000 0000
    126 ( this is invalid)
    1100 0000
    1110 0000
    1111 0000
    and so on

    so as u see from this table that we will need the 192 Custom subnet
    so the sn.u want will be

    sorry people for my poor english icon_wink.gif
    and my regards to webmaster
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    dear friend I looked at the question
    but this q. will need u to full design the network and u should have a spacific program to design it u know but it is a good Q. I'll try to solve it on a piece of papper :)
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    If its a address, isnt that class B? If thats so, the default subnet mask is With the 62 host question, I thought the subnet mask would therefore be:

    not [As this would use 11 bits for subnetting on a class B subnet].

    Please can you clarify for me?

    Thanks in advance icon_eek.gif
  • powensno1powensno1 Posts: 1Member ■□□□□□□□□□ does not use 11 bits, it is using 10. Anyway thats not the point.

    The question requires you to have 62 hosts.

    If you use then you will end up with 16384 -2(network and broadcast) = 16382 hosts on 2 subnets (11000000). Thats fair enough as you have managed to get more than 62 hosts but what they want is you to only have 62 hosts per subnet.

    So, if you use you are leaving 6 bits for you hosts (2 to the power of 6 = 64 - 2 gives you 62 hosts) and you have 10bits for your network giving you 1024 subnets.

    Hope that makes sense
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    choinga, check ur pm :) i need some help with a problem im having.

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