Most likely taking the Network+ exam next month!

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Hey, I haven't been at techexams in awhile. Anyways, I'm currently studying for the network+ exam. I plan to buy the voucher for next month off the get certified for less website. Anyways, I had a couple of questions I hope some of you guys who have already taken the test could answer a few questions I have.

1. Can someone give me an example of a subnetting question that would be asked.
2. How much do you need to know about Network Operating Systems? What kind of questions did you guys get?
3. When was the exams last updated, or when is the next update?
4. How much questions are on the exam, how much "points" do you need right, what's the max/lowest amount of points per question?
5. If you fail, are the people like "HEY YOU FAILED! TRY AGAIN NEXT TIME" in front of everyone?
6. For questions regarding WAN connection types (DSL, ISDN, SONET, etc..) Do they expect us to know the throughput for everytype? I understand ISDN, SONET is easy, but DSL.. there's so much variations of it I can only remember VDSL is 8Mb.
7. What kind of questions regarding DNS did you guys get?

I took the OSI model test that was on this website, I got 24/30 on it, I haven't studied the OSI model for about two months now so I don't think I did too bad. Of course I should be aiming for higher.

I've never taken a exam before so, sorry for these questions. I know I probably should of taken A+ first but personally I think that's a lot more stuff I need to understand, I will be going for that before September if I get my network+ exam next month.
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    Doomsday JDoomsday J Member Posts: 43 ■■□□□□□□□□
    You can get some answers from the comptia web site at www.comptia.org.
    The dudes on this website are pretty good at answering questions.
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    3000GT3000GT Member Posts: 212
    Im taking the Network+ begining of next month, Ive taken A+ and it does help abit for network+ as it covers basic networking, its just the OSI model and subnetting thats getting me at the mo...
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    janmikejanmike Member Posts: 3,076
    I agree with Doomsday J, go to this site for CompTIA's site on N+.
    If you haven't been there already.

    Especially, download the objectives and make sure that you get everything covered in your studies, again, if you haven't already
    what's the max/lowest amount of points per question?
    Only CompTIA knows for sure. The value of each question is probably weighted according to difficulty. Don't worry about that.
    5. If you fail, are the people like "HEY YOU FAILED! TRY AGAIN NEXT TIME" in front of everyone?
    They shouldn't. If you should get some ignoramus that does, you should report them to someone in charge of the place. Of course, we know that you're not going to fail. You are going to pass!

    Good luck!
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