CEH Eligibility will now cost $100

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On the ECCouncil website....

IMPORTANT UPDATE as of July 15, 2011:
Effective July 15, 2011, EC-Council is introducing a Non Refundable Eligibility Application Fee of USD 100.00 for CEH exams on Prometric APTC and Pearson VUE channels.
Any inconvenience is greatly regretted.

I sent my completed eligibility form and associated docs in last week and got a response 2 days later.


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    That appears to be a further $100US fee on top of the $500US that is the cost of the CEH exam itself. It's buried down a bit on this page. Ouch.
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    JDMurray wrote: »
    That appears to be a further $100US fee on top of the $500US that is the cost of the CEH exam itself. It's buried down a bit on this page. Ouch.

    Yeah, this getting out of hand. I won't be taking the C|EH unless work wants to pay for it, or if I take WGU's MSISA. At this time both of those options are unlikely.
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    I'm not sure where the $500 comes from (I appreciate it's on the site) but once you have your eligibility code you can book with ProMetric (or PearsonVue) and pay them. In the UK that price is £137 or £152 for V6 or V7 respectively.

    But I agree - it's getting worse as they find more ways to get money without adding much.

    Get the code for free now even if you choose not to take the exam yet....
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    Wow, I'd thought about prepping for this exam in the past. As a potential candidate I'm not willing to pay that price AND a $100 fee.

    The irony of it is if they dropped the price of the exam a little, maybe more people would be encouraged to take the exam and they could generate more profits. I'm sure they did research and found this to not be the case, though.
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    So, as things stand for the next 5 days is the application free? I suppose you would have to pay the $500.00 voucher fee soon after having the application approved.
    Eligibility Requirements ( Effective July 11, 2011)

    In order to be eligible to test for the CEH certification examination, you must:-

    Have attended training for the CEH course at any of our EC-Council Accredited Training Centers. Should you choose to defer taking the examination after your training, and would like to opt for another location; you can apply for the same at a later date at any ATC of your choice by submitting your certificate of attendance to EC-Council.
    In order to be considered for the EC-Council certification exam without attending official training at EC-Council Accredited training center, an applicant must:

    a) Have at least two years of information security related experience.
    b) Remit a non refundable eligibility application fee of USD 100.00 at our website http://www.eccouncil.org/orders.htm
    C) Submit a completed Exam Eligibility Form.

    Upon approval, EC-Council will send you an eligibility voucher number which you can use to register and schedule the test at any Authorized Prometric or VUE Testing Center globally. Please note that Prometric and VUE Registration will not entertain any requests without the eligibility number.

    Exam voucher can be purchased from EC-Council website or directly from Prometric and VUE at a cost of USD 500.00

    Applicants who withdraw their application or whose application is denied by EC-Council will not receive any refunds.

    EC-Council reserves the right to revoke the certification status of candidates that attempt this exam without a valid eligibility voucher number.
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    I have just booked through ProMetric. £137 ($243ish). So I really don't know what the voucher from EC Council does - or why anybody doing self-study would buy it.
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    Plus, if they deny your application for any reason, no refund. Double ouch.
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    LOL are you kidding me? 100 dollars just to determine if you are eligible to take the test? How about just have you sign an agreement that you meet the requirements and they randomly audit people, if you fail the audit they pull your certification? Buuut they can't charge you a hundred dollars....

    I took mine because WGU required it but they never asked for an eligibility form, unless they give academic institutions a different requirement since you are required to use their official course ware.

    Still curious as to why my Cert kit for my CEH came from Hong Kong? Or at least its marked as return to Hong Kong if failed delivery.
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    This is ridiculous...
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    This has to be a joke. I was apprehensive of the value of the CEH for me before but now I don't even care to take it at all.
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    G jobs will still pay for it to check 8570 requirements, as a tax payer it annoys me.
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    ec-council has always felt like the Nigerian prince who just needs some good faith money to me. But their site has gotten better, so maybe this is all part of them just improving.
  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 12,866 Admin
    Chris:/* wrote: »
    G jobs will still pay for it to check 8570 requirements, as a tax payer it annoys me.
    It could very well be that EC-Council now sees its primary customer base as businesses and the US government and not individuals. Higher prices are more affordable by businesses and agencies, and the higher cost gives an illusion of quality and worthwhileness to those buyers.

    Despite this new pricing, the CEH is still worth the cost if it gets you the high-paying job you want. Ask anyone who has their job because they spent their money to get the CISSP or CCIE.
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    very true Murray, i have started my studies for CEH on my own expense however i know it will pay off eventually.
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    is it for those who don't take CEH official training ??
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    Wow this sucks.. total of $600 because they want you to spend the 1600 on the training and figured they can add an extra 100 if self study... and you need 2 yrs info sec experience in order to be eligible and even that is not a guarantee youll be eligible..
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    If their certification has a decent reputation among 50% of employers out there, then they'll charge it and people will pay it happily if it means better job offers. It's just the cost of doing business.

    As far as the experience is concerned, if your infosec experience is verifiable then I don't see an issue with your eligibility. If you are questioning as to whether your experience would count towards infosec, then I would recommend contacting EC-Council to verify it with them before taking the exam
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    I went thru the process and from what I can remember it was essentially them either emailing or calling my current boss and that was about it. I think the 100 is to seperate the men from the boys persay.
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    Oh okay.. well that doesnt seem too bad i suppose.. either way im going to get it eventually .. i plan on starting the process on Friday :D
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    This is an interesting point which I am surprised I have not seen more mention of really. I have been sitting on the fence swaying on whether to go for this or not, and let me bore you why...

    I recently completed the official EC-Council CHFI course at the end of the November and subsequently passed the exam with a middling score of 80 something. The background to the course was that our department dealt with more the management of forensic investigations rather than the "hacking" element of the course and it was the closest match skillswise on offer to our company. Concerns were raised as there was a lot of mention of CEH being a pre-req and a bit of smoke and mirrors whether it was essential, desireable or not relevant. Not being CEH myself, reading through the curriculum of the course and exam, i personally felt there was nothing too outrageous in there that warranted the CEH pre-req so booked and went on the training. By the end of the course the instructor must have used the term "those who were on my CEH course would know this" a thousand times which was getting on my nerves as I felt that I had not missed out in the slightest by not doing the CEH first. Anyway, come exam day he saw my score and said considering you had not completed CEH previously, it was worth a punt as your score was OK...
    I toyed with the idea and thought he was correct as it never hurts to have a bit more bumf on your CV so filled in the missing gaps ready to take the exam. I was all geared up to take the exam at Christmas, but then noticed this business about eligibility forms which I had no awareness of previously - i am assuming because the course provider would have provided the voucher for the exam.

    I then read a bit more into it - $100 for someone in admin to confirm your 2 years of security experience, but if you have dropped nigh on 2k for a training course then that fee is waived.

    Now, in the grand scheme of things another 60 squids is not going to make or break me, but it is the principle of the whole thing that has riled me, and rightly or wrongly it just feels like they are trying to squeeze some extra pennies from you as you have not paid for their training. I know that they are not the only firm to do this (SANS and VMWare have a variation on it) but in my view the certification does not bring enough to the table to warrant the fannying about. Having experienced the training, and this is my own view, I cannot see how reading through several books of which a large portion are no more than advertising is equal to the 2 year infosec experience they are after - and I think it is that that sways the argument for me.
    If there was some flexibility to the process, i.e. they recognised holding the CISSP as requiring the 5 years experience, or even holding their own CHFI cert as a waiver then I would have gone for the exam by now, but as it is I just see a company trying to take advantage of its potential customers.

    Of course not everyone will agree with me, and I am bias in my view as I am currently in a role within infosec so I do not think CEH would open any additional doors for me; it comes down to EC-Council have pushed for $600 from me, I was willing to go to $500 - but they will now end up with $0 - but I am probably in the minority on this one and I wish anyone going for the exam the best of luck!
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    Can you purchase this certificate in the UK for less and still take the Exam here in US>
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