Please Help me in Route filtering and Redistribution !

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Dear all,
i've been reading the post which you guys helping ppl out here. It is my first post. I am working on a case study which is about route map and redistribution..
my topology is:


This case study is consist of 8 router but i am resizing it here into three routers. There's running ospf b/w R1 and R2 and Rip b/w R2 and R3.

There's one directly connectd a network with R1 (not part of ospf) which is Which we have redistribute into OSPF as external route using the route map command that only selected route can be redistribute into ospf which worked fine for me.Now i only want this external route to be redistributed only into RIP not other ospf routes but it is not working for me... I have use route map command, and even match command but it doesn't work for me.please anyone guide me in this regard




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