Window XP on the A+ exam ??????

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First off your site has been very helpful to me as I am very new to the interesting world of computers :P . I recently took an A+ certification class that was 5 days long and for me that was not enough time to learn everything. My question is, the instructor said that Windows XP was going to be added to the software part of the exam, do you know when this change will take place?
Currently I am using my training materials and Mike Meyers Certification Passport :A+ Certification book. Many have told me that I need to hurry up and take it but I feel if I take it now I would just fail I need more time to study. (just venting) icon_wink.gif
But anyways can you please inform me about the Windows XP question? If it is changing are there any A+ books with Windows XP in the software part to study?


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    i do not know, as yet, of any books conforming to the new test objectives. it is expected that the new objectives will begin to test from approx september.
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    But the new objectives' questions (including XP) can already be included starting July, although they won't be scored untill later this year, around September.
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    If you are using Mikes 4th edition it will have everything you need until about September. I also understand that a lot of the XP stuff is very basic and comes from W2k
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    ghaoufghaouf Inactive Imported Users Posts: 317
    i know that the cource book came with a little XP guide, but if you study the old A+ objectives they wont be that differant for the old ones.
    for example the buses do not change. and 2000 is very similar to XP.
    i would say study for the old book, and then try and get some sort of craming book (exam cram, passport, etc..) that covers the new objectives.
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