CBT Nuggets Subnetting document

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I just finished the first subnetting video and at the end he gives 4 examples and sends you to nuggetlab.com to download the sheet to check your answers with. I cannot find it. Anyone have this or able to link me where I need to go?


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    Go to http://www.nuggetlab.com and register/sign in.

    Once you're logged in, you'll see a whole list of certifications - choose the one you're looking for.

    I suspect that one you're after is "Cisco 640-822: CCENT/CCNA ICND1" - it has the subnetting answers for videos 19 & 20 and a few more subnetting examples.
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    i got a video on ADVANCED TCP/IP with four videos
    1.. working with binary
    2. ip subnetting 1
    3. ip subnetting 2
    4. ip subnetting 3

    in my processing of learning networking, how can i get the complete video lessons with every section.. ot coz of the work in the 2nd lesson and we were told to go to nuggetlab in ccent folder to get te doc file solution that got me here... please i really need a way to get the completw series... will be grateful for an reply
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    Wat is the name of the complete series that has the advanced tcp/ip section on ip subnetting... i want to watch the complete series...ive only watched the advanced tcp/ip section.thanks
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