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I been reading different study guides. I found some controversy about the information bring on its.

First in one say OC-1 speed 51.84 and in other 51.85. There is no many problem with this because the difference in minimal. I want to know which one is correct.

Second in one say NIC = Data link and other Phisycal. I want to know which one is correct.



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    Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    Okay, I would say 51.85. That's what I've read in a few places.

    Now, as for the NIC.....Well, that's been discussed many many times, and many people have a different opinion on it. I say it's like this. A NIC is listed as on the Physical layer because of the physyical electrical connection that exists. It's also listed on the DataLink, due to the MAC sublayer. I would figure most exams, would say it's more likely on the DataLink layer, but you should know how it can affect both.
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