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I've been working on Cisco Routers/Switches/ASA's for a while now, but I have never looked into upgrading the IOS, since all my equipment has had what I needed. Now I have ran into needing an upgrade, I know how to do this, but I'm not actually sure where to get the IOS' from. I've seen a lot of threads about uploading through FTP and TFTP. Just wondering where you got your images from?
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    You get your IOS from Cisco.
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    Well, I'm an idiot. I don't know why but I thought you had to have a license agreement with Cisco in order to get the software. I should really do the search for the software before asking the questions.
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    MAC_Addy wrote: »
    I thought you had to have a license agreement with Cisco in order to get the software.

    You do.

    LAN Access Switch and Access Point images had been available in the past with a guest level Cisco account -- but I'm not sure if that changed when Cisco announced they would track downloads (starting in January 2011) to insure people were only downloading images they had a SmartNet contract for.
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    If you have a local electronic recycling company, you could check to see if they have any cisco routers. If they do, I suggest checking the IOS version on them. This is how I got the 12.4 ver IOS. I didn't just copy the IOS. I brought the 26XX XM router for like $15. Sometimes companies with an account with the e-recycle company donate the networking equipment to have it destroyed at the e-recycle company. So it might be tough to get your hands on some gear.
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