A little lost: Please advise.

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Ok... So I work in a 2003 environment, a few years back my boss wanted me to get certified, so I figured MCSE was the best way to go.

Anyway, currently I've taken and passed the following:
270, 290, 291, 293, 284 & 294.

Now currently I'm looking at the 298. As I've stated in a previous thread, not only am I lost, but I'm thinking perhaps I picked the wrong elective. The 298 seems like there's a lot of implied knowledge on PKI that the 29X's only briefly touched on. I picked 284 as my company uses exchange and I thought it would benefit them, which it has enormously!

Is the 298 the last requirement before I'm MCSE? Do I have to do 299 (which a lot of people are recommending)? Should I use the 299 book as my study material for 298 as the MS press kit for 298 "seems" awful.

Your guidance is appreciated!
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    The 298 is the security design exam so you are going to get a lot of PKI. You do not need the 299 unless you want a Security specialty on your MCSE. 298 will be the only thing you need to get your MCSE. If PKI worries you, you can choose the Active Directory design exam which is 297. The Exchange Server design exam is now retired.
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    Its definitely a weak point of mine, I was kind of hoping to improve my weak areas by doing 298 instead of 297, but I feel like I've jumped in the deep and here.

    Is there any study material better than the MS press kit? Anyone else had a similar issue with design?
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    I've been told that the 298 is easier than the 297 so that's a big plus. I used the 70-298 Self-Paced Training Kit by Roberta Bragg. There probably isn't enough info in it alone to tackle the test so back it up with something else. I had the MS course videos but I tend to not retain much with videos. I also had MeasureUp test prep. I just got lucky with this one. I took to security principles and to the testlet format so it was a pretty good experience for me. I have heard others have had a much different experience though...
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    Hmmm ok thanks...
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    The 298 is not for the faint of heart. It is a very difficult test, but I think any of the design exams are going to be that way. A lot of people do the 299 for the extra paper and because the objectives are so similar. People will study for the 299 and go take that test (which is in the normal Microsoft exam format) and then apply all of that knowledge to their 298 studies.

    I did the same approach and ended up failing the 299. It also isn't for the faint of heart, but was better than the 298.
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