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I currenty am working in a helpdesk job at the moment on £15k, ive been here 2 years, so ive got abit of IT experiance, but i want to get into networking like starting as a junior when i get my Network+ but no one will give me the time of day, they all want more certs and experiance icon_sad.gif

So i want to know where can i get my hands on experiance for networking, ive been advised to see local charities to help them, im not bothered about pay, just want to get some hands on :)


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    Not certain what you have available in the UK, but in the US there are Tech schools (sideways step from a university a trade school). Perhaps enroll in a class and 'network' with the people there for a possible co-op position or internship.

    Sometimes these options are only available to 'students'.

    Another option, would be to volunteer as you mentioned. Need to take care on volunteering in that you don't end up over your head and develop negative PR for yourself.

    A third option, would be to shadow an experience IT person. Develop your own internship if you will and possibly 'volunteer' with that person. If they don't need to pay you or can pay you a very small wage (training wage) you may find some excellent tips and experience as well as long-term career.

    Keep trying :)
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    Years ago I volunteered at an ISP to do whatever... anything and everything.. I labelled disks ( 1000's of them!!!! ); I was the gofor - for about 3 - 4 months.. then one day the techies wanted to go out for lunch and the Supervisor looked and me and asked if I thought I was up to the task ( to provide tech sup't ) while they went for lunch - about an hour... I was, I did... a very short while after that a position became vacant and the pile of resume's on the sup't desk were put in a drawer and I was offered the job...

    Volunteer to do the grunt work and then work your way into the dept you really want to get into... I almost think that could have been Social Engineering I used then icon_smile.gif
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