What kinds of volunteer experience are there?

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I have expressed my concerns in another post, but I was thinking if it would be better to start a new one addressing another issue.

The thing I have trying to do is to think of any way to get experience.
I have tried schools, charity organizations, some companies, and even posting ads around my appartment to help people out with computer problems. But it seems that so far, I do not really get any experience.

I was also wondering if volunteer positions such as data entry, office assitant are worth trying out or not? Or do you guys know of any ways to get experience. Is there any way to get experience through the internet?

I really don't know. I am just trying my best to do Anything to get Any kind of experience.

I really hope you guys could give me some advice.

Thank you very much

Philip Chau


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    I googled non-profits in my area. A LOT are pretty big and have no clue as to what they need. Ive been a volunteer for about a year before they officially put me on part time. then the fun startled . It was as if the both of us were experimenting. I got to recommend products [that i wanted experience in actually ], build smalllans and apply what i learned in school. Im now with another companybuy those years experience on my resume helped me out big time.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    Yes, I understand volunteer should help a lot for those who don't have experience.
    I finally got this volunteer job reparing/refurbishing computers.
    I constantly learn new stuff, and at the same time working for my network+
    Wish me goo dluck :)

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