35 days left, what's your recommendation to prepare?

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I have booked the exam at end of Aug, now there is only 35 days left. I need your advice to finish the last preparation for the exam.
Current stage:
AIO 5th: 1st almost done, some chapters with detailed notes, and some don’t
PreLogic Audio training file: listen to it whenever I have time, 2nd round
PreLogic Video training: Not start yet
OIG: not start yet

Score of self-test:
Until this moment, I tested some domains with AIO built-in questions, the result is not good, and normally the score will be 50%.

My background:
7 year’s IT working experience, including 3 year’s IT security coordinating as company security officer <the position is likely as supervisor, it’s NOT CISO level>, around 4 year’s IT professional <infrastructure and helpdesk side>.

My plan with time sequence
1. Finish AIO 5th 1st round reading, 4 days +
2. Finish questions at AIO 5th and figure out all the knowledge, especially for those questions I answer wrong, 5 days +
3. Finish Prelogic Video Training: 5 days+
4. Finish OIG 2nd, 10 days +
5. Finish questions at CCCure.org, 3 days +
6. Review AIO 5th 2nd around, 5 days+
7. Review all questions, notes and memory cards, 3 days+
8. Go to exam

What do you think of this plan? Do I miss something? Thanks.


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    Based on your background I'd say you are in pretty good shape if you can follow that study schedule. You've not left yourself a lot of time to digest that much information, but it really all depends on how, and how well, you study, learn, and retain information. It may be plenty of time for you.

    I would suggest that as your study, take detailed notes and only study from your notes one week prior to the exam. In your notes you should boil-down all of the information into sentences, bullet lists, diagrams, etc. that are easy for you to remember. Also be honest with yourself on what subject areas you understand the least. You will need to search for more references to understand these concepts better.
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    I am planning to appear for cissp in sept 2011, first week.

    I am doing ok as of now. finished AIO once and all nuggets. Currently i am working on audio series and practice exams. I am not very sure if i will be fully prepared by sept. Hope so.

    Audio series seems to be good to me. i play audio in fast speed. you can also try this.

    secondly, you can give 1 day to 1 domain. if you are preparing full time for CISSP, you can easily go through AIO 1 chapter, listen to audio and perform practice test too. so in 10 days, you can definately improve much.

    I am working as infosec engineer and hence spending time in the morning and evening for preparation. also i get some time in office so prepare.
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