GPO software installtion issue

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Hello guys,
I want to understand this GPO software install removal options.

You know when you configure the ASSIGNED to a msi file for installation.
Say you install upgrades every so often and you mess up and put the wrong path. Then you want to delete the path you just did wrong but the choices are this:

1. remove and uninstall software
2. remove and do not allow any more installations

I just wanted to delete and leve the installation as is and I surely don't want to prevent more installations? HUH? This blows me away.

How do you remove this wrong path in the GPO software installation without messing with anything. I just want to change to the correct path?

BUT say I did want to clean up the preveious installs I really can't with it
uninstalling previous versions or prevention news ones HUH???WTH??

is there a better MSI push out tool than GPO in Microsoft or am I just a moron???icon_redface.gif


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    • Click Immediately uninstall the software from users and computers, and then click OK.
    • Click Allow users to continue to use the software but prevent new installations, and then click OK.
    Quit the Group Policy snap-in, click OK, and then quit the Active Directory Users

    we constantly upgrade this software package we have on all workstations.
    so 1. why would I want to uninstall it from each computer?
    2. why would I want to prevent any further installs

    does the 2nd choice means installs withe the one I am removing or future
    upgrades is it preventing that I add to the GPO?

    so now what? I have messed up and put the wrong path in and went to remove it and I was given these choices. But I want to continue install of these packages? same file name of fsp.msi and sometimes it is another name patchfsp.msi
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