Just took exam 7/16/2011

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Just sat for the CISSP exam this past Saturday on the 16th.

It was both exactly, and no where near what I was expecting.

The Venue: It was at a hotel right in the middle of town here in Omaha. Small room, little tables. The whole atmosphere was pretty lax. They seemed moreso there to hang out, and hope we all did good, unlike some stories I've heard about the proctors being hardcore and check everything. They never checked anyone for cell phones, rather just said 'turn them off', had no care about drinks 'you spill, its on you, so be responsible'. And otherwise that so much was pretty good.

The test: Was terrible. I studied for 4 months, took a prep class, read the AIO book, and had some CBT nuggets I studied for some domains. It seemed there was alot I wasn't sure on, alot that most definately had multiple right answers (hope I chose the best right answer out of the lot), and a few I had never heard/read about. All in all...I have absolutely NO idea how I did, which almost warrents me to study again, and rebook the test in November.

Study Materials:
Shon Harris AIO
CISSP 11th hour study guide (last minute cram)
Some of the CBT nuggets series.
Local Security Professional training class (4 month class to help us study for CISSP, but its not THROUGH isc2, so technically we can't call it a CISSP prep class)


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