Taking A+ in 2 weeks

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I purchased Mike Meyers practice/final exams and I've been studying those, taking notes on the questions, and reviewing. I've been scoring high 90's or 100's on my final practice tests in 701, haven't gotten to 702 yet. However, sometimes I feel like I'm memorizing with these study questions.

Are there any other free alternative study methods for A+ that will help? Instructional videos or labs?

Thanks for the help!


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    If you're not already aware of it, Professor Messer is a good resource for video training (and it's free). If you're scoring that high on practice tests you sound like you're going to be fine.
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    I purchased the exam cram book for additional questions; i had trouble finding decent current free exam material. Watching the professor messor videos should help you as well.
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    Thanks for the replies. I do feel good about the practice exams, but then again those are easy to memorize so I feel like I should probably incorporate another method of study. Thanks for the info on the Messer videos - I'll check those out.
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    I found that the practice tests in Exam Cram and online are a good reference for where you stand the first or maybe the second time you take them, but not after that. Then it becomes more of a memorizing that specific question, which isn’t going to be on the actual exam. What will help is studying and understanding the detailed answers for why a specific answer is right or wrong. If you don’t have hands-on experience in a specific area I would suggest getting an old PC and practicing. I had an older desktop at home which had XP on it. I reformatted and partitioned the drive and reinstalled the operating system on it and went through many of the topics using Professor Messer’s videos and Meyer’s book on subjects that I didn’t have practical experience in. This will help with the 702 exam quite a bit IMO. Also, if you have a SOHO network at home and a printer I would suggest setting the printer up on the network and go through the various objectives with regard to printers.
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    Check out the post Everything you need to know about CompTIA A+ (and some things you don't), it has a lot of useful information and some good resources as well
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