Exam on 23/07/2011 help everyone!

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I have been working roughly 5 years in the 10 CBK domains so I decided to do a CISSP espc working for Fujitsu I thought this can be ideal to increase my prospects.

However, the exam is this saturday! I dont know whether if I am fully prepared or not judging on the sheer size of, well everything!..

I am using freepractice tests to study aswell as the usual "shon harris" book...would this be enough to pass hopefully?

the freepracticetests I am averaging around 90% but surely the questions on the exam cant be based purely on this? can they?

thanks! moe


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    What prep materials you need depends on what sort of InfoSec background you have and how well and best you study. No one or two study guides contains all of the information that you need, so you must have a lot of experience in as many of the CBK domains as possible. And the freepracticetestsexams hardly look like the actual CISSP exam items, so you may be in for a bit of a shock when you open the exam booklet.

    In your situation, I would be honest with myself on what topics in the Harris book I didn't know much about and do some extra studying on the Web for those topics. That may be all you have time to do. Good luck.
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    i have just "invested" in studiscope - mega bucks but thought i need a new dimension to my readings and preparation. I think with anything - practice makes perfect regardless of "x" amount of years in InfoSec as I believe my degree in engineering was more difficult!

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    The StudISCope materials are excellent, but you will also need to use them to discover what topics you still need study, learn, and understand. They are good to use on a 2nd try too, so the money is not wasted.

    Try to get some sleep tonight. You don't want to walk into the testing center tomorrow looking, acting, and feeling like a zombie (there will be enough people there already fitting that description).
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